Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gazibo.

The Gazibo

That's a weird name for a blog huh? Well, it's more than a blog, it's a state of mind.
The Gazibo is a place to rant,rave,complain,think,share stories and experiences through.
The Gazibo originally started as just me and a friend complaining about the machine in a gazibo at a local park. Then we did it again, then a few more friends joined. The Gazibo is a place of intellectual thought about any subject.

So, now that you know what the gazibo is, i'll introduce myself.
If your from the internet world you might know me as JonseyMcFly.
But the name is Tony IRL, though i prefer Jonsey.
I'v been meaning to make a blog for a while and i just finally got around to it. My posting will probably be a lil random.
I might include sessions from the gazebo on this blog, or I will do exactly what we do there. Rant,rave and think.

Eventually I want to expand the gazebo, maybe an internet radio show or something.

But yea, should have the first rant up before tomorrow night.

Remember, always question, always think and always learn.


  1. Hey /b/ro, just passsing by helping another out

  2. well, props for D&B. Followed.

  3. there can never be enough rants!

  4. you gotta get some content up, but this could be interesting.