Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause | The New Civil Rights Movement

UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause | The New Civil Rights Movement

This shit fucking disgusts me.
I mean come on, This is the fucking UN!
United Nations, This is the place that is supposed to save you from your own contry now condemming people to death all over the world. Not to mention the strength this will give to Anti-gay vigilantism in the united states. But i tell you one thing. If your ever in trouble from one of these vigilant groups and can make it to me in Wyoming. I got guns, Know how to use em.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sorry, For the fact that i haven't been updating or cheeking up lately.
Life got hectic not really going into details but yea.

I am going to cover 3 things been bothering me latley to make up for it.

1. Prop 19.

This failed because of drug dealers. They obviously have reasons for not wanting it to pass. The government promised to enforce it's laws harder in California if it was passed. WITCH IS COMPLETE BULL SHIT. There is a separation from State And United Law for a reason. State laws on such matters should be there choice. But Also it failed because of stoner's.

2. Republicans.
Do you know how many difreant smear campaigns i saw this election.
YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF, yOU CAN TELL I AM MAD COUSE I AM USING CAPS. Is that they were accusing the dems of stuff that the Rebs Platform were biased on.
In more simple terms. " HURR i'm rebublican i want to tax middle class DURR but public don't like it. HERP But i'll say my oppenet supports it to make him look bad DERP!

3. Democrats.
You guy's were fucking puss's this election. You guy's didnt push shit, You didnt stick to your guns. You didnt even stay loyal, I saw add saying you didnt agree with the nigger or white which of the senate, FUCk that we aint gonna get any were unless you work with them. I aint a huge supporter of ether of them but dammit we need them. There in the top spots, and yall just gave up the majority like a bunch of bitches.

So all in all, Fuck it i'm voting green party next election lol

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventures with a MacBook.

I had a bit of fun today. Once of the school around my parents area was having a garage sale like thing, So my parents picked my sister up a Mac-Book for school, I would of got one to if we would of got there earlier. Lucky brat. lol.

But i digress, The school while selling the lap-top, Had forgot to delete any information, Or give us the pass word for admin acount. So we could get into the student account, With the Light speed security in the thing.

No web site worth going to got past the blocker. And couldn't up date the program or any thing.
While i am not computer illiterate, I am how ever a pc fan boy. So i had to learn a lot about mac in a short time.

First i took it all apart, And let me tell you one thing, Mac-book, Probably a late 2008 one. Has way to many FUCKING SCREWS. I mean half of then were worthless, We need 1 screw to hold this peice down. Lets you 5 to be safe.

After playing with it's guts and reassembling it.
With about half the screws. I Googled how to open a mac version of command prompt. Creating a new owner account, and using that to reset the admin password to something new. All and All, I'm glad to have learnt more about mac's. But It reaffirmed the pc fan boy in me.

If you want the incrustations on how to crack a mac-book let me know in comments if i have enough interest i'll post them in a day or so...

< Sorry for the lack of post, Or comments, Broke my own lap-top, So i can only get on when some one else is letting me use theres. Doing this post from said Cracked Mac-book>

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fucking Hotels.

Idk about you guy's. But i have travels a decent amount. Mostly for church conventions. I'm not overly religious more in my own way. But My grandmother likes to go to the Episcopal church gatherings. And Hell that is a great excuse to tell employers. And traveling for a lot of other reasons. But that first one is how i started this vacation, Tomorrow i'm heading down to Thornton, Co. To see my mother and LiL sisters. Shit's gonna be so cash.

When i check into a motel that is charging me 30 bucks a night. I expect the place to be a trasshy bed a tv older then the one the hobo under the bridge has. And a dirty bathroom. You get what you pay for.

But when i check into a hotel that costs almost 200 bucks a night. I expect to sleep like a god.
I mean, It's clean, The decor is nice. The beds look nice. But i lay down on that bitch and it's hard as a rock. Okay, I can still sleep. I grab the fucking pillow and my head damn near falls through. I had to use all 3 pillows on the bed to keep my head a inch off the mattress.

The bath room is clean, The fucking shower is like 3 feet off the floor on the bathroom, so i get in at about 6'2 and i'm ducking my head..... There "fitness room" Was a broke treadmill and a dumbbell no weights just the bar. The fucking pool smelt and tasted like fucking see water imported directly, That they have never sent any chemicals through.

I call up room service, Couse i am thristy and none of there drink machines have any thing good left. And order two pitchers of soda. I asked how much they were gonna be guy said 4 bucks. I'm thinking not bad. Get my cheak out bill 15 each!!!!!!!!

So if your ever in Casper Wyoming, Don't stay in the Hilton on the river.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cops there to help or there to screw you over (guest post)

Cops seriously think they r just to help you out but in this little shit whole of a town i don't know one cop that will actually try to help you they are all crocked an just looking for the best bust in town so how is that helping like Sunday i went missing an the cops found me an took me straight to jail because i was drunk not even that drunk i have a head an arm injury an all they did was take me straight to jail an said that if i was hurt that bad that i shouldn't have done it in the first place what the fuck right how is that helping anything in this damn town

You know what.

I was going to try to wait longer in between posting. But this is just something that pisses me off and keep's popping up.



Seriously. It losses sales? If i am not sure i want to buy a cd i look it up on youtube. When the video is removed by the label. It makes me mad. i don't buy album you loose sales. And i know i am not alone out there.

But some people only listen to the song on youtube and never buy. Yea, Some people only listen to that song on the radio and never buy to. Probably means it wasn't good enough

Couse i will tell you this. If i really like a song, I will listen to it on youtube. But then i am gonna want to buy it. So i can have it on my ipod, or so i can have it in the car.

So seriously record labels. Just let the music on youtube be. It's like every day i see more and more songs blocked.

Who's With me Here.


I promised another entry before tonight. I got something one my mind right now.
The Fucking Law. No not a certain law. Or law as a rule. But the system of law the usa has. O yea, Are government will claim it's the best.

Some stats say this. IDC, Why, Couse every other system out there is probably over complicated just like this one. I have a book. West's Business Law. This thing is over 5 pounds. And it is one book for a course that requires 5. But yes, We must be able to represent every one in every circumstance of the law. From murder,Seller's obligation of Delivery.

And yes, I agree that a system must be big to protect every one.
But does it have to be so damn complicated. The law works in favor of the system. Couse 9 times out of 10. The normal person will not be able to understand one lick of sense most of this is.

Colorado state law says.

(a) In any action in delinquency in which a juvenile is alleged to be an aggravated juvenile offender, as described in section 19-2-516, C.R.S. or is alleged to have committed an act that would constitute a crime of violence, as defined in section 18-1.3-406, C.R.S., if committed by an adult, the juvenile or the district attorney may demand a trial by a jury of not more than six persons except as provided in section 19-2-601(3)(a), C.R.S., or the court, on its own motion, may order a jury trial, with the exception that a juvenile is not entitled to a trial by jury when the petition alleges a delinquent act which is a misdemeanor, a petty offense, a violation of a municipal or county ordinance, or a violation of a court order. When requesting a jury trial pursuant to this rule, a juvenile is deemed to have waived the right to have an adjudicatory trial within 60 days and is subject instead to an adjudicatory trial within 6 months. Unless a jury is demanded pursuant to subsection (1) of section 19-2-107, C.R.S., it shall be deemed waived.

Too long and weird looking for you to even want to read through. Same with 90% of america, I don't blame you.

BUT that is exactly the point i am trying to make. We need a legal system that every one with a high school diploma can understand. Again the law is in favor of the system. I can tell you 3 things a cop has done to me or some one close.

1. Arrested with out Miranda rights.
2. Cop telling me you are guilty untell proven innocent.
3. Gettin a speeding ticket. When the cops Radar gun Licence was expired.
< Cops have to be licensed like every year for the radar gun. And you may ask to see it any time you are pulled over.Cops Failer to do so. Or failer to be up to date with it will get you out of the ticket.

I think i just about ran my point into the ground. So i'll proboly see you guy's friday, Unless something heats me up b4 then.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gazibo.

The Gazibo

That's a weird name for a blog huh? Well, it's more than a blog, it's a state of mind.
The Gazibo is a place to rant,rave,complain,think,share stories and experiences through.
The Gazibo originally started as just me and a friend complaining about the machine in a gazibo at a local park. Then we did it again, then a few more friends joined. The Gazibo is a place of intellectual thought about any subject.

So, now that you know what the gazibo is, i'll introduce myself.
If your from the internet world you might know me as JonseyMcFly.
But the name is Tony IRL, though i prefer Jonsey.
I'v been meaning to make a blog for a while and i just finally got around to it. My posting will probably be a lil random.
I might include sessions from the gazebo on this blog, or I will do exactly what we do there. Rant,rave and think.

Eventually I want to expand the gazebo, maybe an internet radio show or something.

But yea, should have the first rant up before tomorrow night.

Remember, always question, always think and always learn.