Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I promised another entry before tonight. I got something one my mind right now.
The Fucking Law. No not a certain law. Or law as a rule. But the system of law the usa has. O yea, Are government will claim it's the best.

Some stats say this. IDC, Why, Couse every other system out there is probably over complicated just like this one. I have a book. West's Business Law. This thing is over 5 pounds. And it is one book for a course that requires 5. But yes, We must be able to represent every one in every circumstance of the law. From murder,Seller's obligation of Delivery.

And yes, I agree that a system must be big to protect every one.
But does it have to be so damn complicated. The law works in favor of the system. Couse 9 times out of 10. The normal person will not be able to understand one lick of sense most of this is.

Colorado state law says.

(a) In any action in delinquency in which a juvenile is alleged to be an aggravated juvenile offender, as described in section 19-2-516, C.R.S. or is alleged to have committed an act that would constitute a crime of violence, as defined in section 18-1.3-406, C.R.S., if committed by an adult, the juvenile or the district attorney may demand a trial by a jury of not more than six persons except as provided in section 19-2-601(3)(a), C.R.S., or the court, on its own motion, may order a jury trial, with the exception that a juvenile is not entitled to a trial by jury when the petition alleges a delinquent act which is a misdemeanor, a petty offense, a violation of a municipal or county ordinance, or a violation of a court order. When requesting a jury trial pursuant to this rule, a juvenile is deemed to have waived the right to have an adjudicatory trial within 60 days and is subject instead to an adjudicatory trial within 6 months. Unless a jury is demanded pursuant to subsection (1) of section 19-2-107, C.R.S., it shall be deemed waived.

Too long and weird looking for you to even want to read through. Same with 90% of america, I don't blame you.

BUT that is exactly the point i am trying to make. We need a legal system that every one with a high school diploma can understand. Again the law is in favor of the system. I can tell you 3 things a cop has done to me or some one close.

1. Arrested with out Miranda rights.
2. Cop telling me you are guilty untell proven innocent.
3. Gettin a speeding ticket. When the cops Radar gun Licence was expired.
< Cops have to be licensed like every year for the radar gun. And you may ask to see it any time you are pulled over.Cops Failer to do so. Or failer to be up to date with it will get you out of the ticket.

I think i just about ran my point into the ground. So i'll proboly see you guy's friday, Unless something heats me up b4 then.


  1. i agree 0%! i think our law system is fine, you're just overthinking it too much. It's actually very easy to read

  2. I agree with law sucking. In Finland, the laws conserning rape (among other things) are messed as hell. For example, someone rapes you and you puncture his eye while defending. He's charged to pay you 1000€ in compensation for mental and physical damages. You're charged to pay 9000€ for puncturing an eye (read: getting raped).

  3. learning stuff here. theese little tips make peoples day easyer.

  4. That's really dumb Shock, But there was a case a while back were a theif fell through a sky light when he was breaking is, Landed on a steak knife hurt him self, And sued the home owner for over half a million.

  5. hahah wtf.. finland is fucked up.

  6. yeah... i believe most government is corrupt.

  7. Imo, it really depends on the police officer

  8. definitely depends on the cop. a lot of it is luck really.

  9. nice little post, thanks for popping by man <3

  10. you've got some good insight in this post :)

  11. F@$% the government!
    Corrupt as hell.

  12. yea, the law needs a real reboot