Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventures with a MacBook.

I had a bit of fun today. Once of the school around my parents area was having a garage sale like thing, So my parents picked my sister up a Mac-Book for school, I would of got one to if we would of got there earlier. Lucky brat. lol.

But i digress, The school while selling the lap-top, Had forgot to delete any information, Or give us the pass word for admin acount. So we could get into the student account, With the Light speed security in the thing.

No web site worth going to got past the blocker. And couldn't up date the program or any thing.
While i am not computer illiterate, I am how ever a pc fan boy. So i had to learn a lot about mac in a short time.

First i took it all apart, And let me tell you one thing, Mac-book, Probably a late 2008 one. Has way to many FUCKING SCREWS. I mean half of then were worthless, We need 1 screw to hold this peice down. Lets you 5 to be safe.

After playing with it's guts and reassembling it.
With about half the screws. I Googled how to open a mac version of command prompt. Creating a new owner account, and using that to reset the admin password to something new. All and All, I'm glad to have learnt more about mac's. But It reaffirmed the pc fan boy in me.

If you want the incrustations on how to crack a mac-book let me know in comments if i have enough interest i'll post them in a day or so...

< Sorry for the lack of post, Or comments, Broke my own lap-top, So i can only get on when some one else is letting me use theres. Doing this post from said Cracked Mac-book>


  1. where is that header image for your blog from??? i really like all the peeling paint

  2. Yeah MacBooks are usually overly simple so people have a hard time breaking them. The extra screws are there probably to discourage you to look inside. Don't forget that MacBooks run on magic and unicorn blood.

  3. thanks for the comments on my blog!

  4. Boo Macbooks, and boo anything Apple!

  5. Great post! keep up the great work!

  6. The image is just one of those things i found when browsing. If i was homei would put it some were you could get it.

  7. i would probably not get as far as you. i'd never even consider the possibility that mac's had anything close to command prompts.

  8. Lol, I did not know ether but that what google is for.