Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause | The New Civil Rights Movement

UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause | The New Civil Rights Movement

This shit fucking disgusts me.
I mean come on, This is the fucking UN!
United Nations, This is the place that is supposed to save you from your own contry now condemming people to death all over the world. Not to mention the strength this will give to Anti-gay vigilantism in the united states. But i tell you one thing. If your ever in trouble from one of these vigilant groups and can make it to me in Wyoming. I got guns, Know how to use em.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sorry, For the fact that i haven't been updating or cheeking up lately.
Life got hectic not really going into details but yea.

I am going to cover 3 things been bothering me latley to make up for it.

1. Prop 19.

This failed because of drug dealers. They obviously have reasons for not wanting it to pass. The government promised to enforce it's laws harder in California if it was passed. WITCH IS COMPLETE BULL SHIT. There is a separation from State And United Law for a reason. State laws on such matters should be there choice. But Also it failed because of stoner's.

2. Republicans.
Do you know how many difreant smear campaigns i saw this election.
YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF, yOU CAN TELL I AM MAD COUSE I AM USING CAPS. Is that they were accusing the dems of stuff that the Rebs Platform were biased on.
In more simple terms. " HURR i'm rebublican i want to tax middle class DURR but public don't like it. HERP But i'll say my oppenet supports it to make him look bad DERP!

3. Democrats.
You guy's were fucking puss's this election. You guy's didnt push shit, You didnt stick to your guns. You didnt even stay loyal, I saw add saying you didnt agree with the nigger or white which of the senate, FUCk that we aint gonna get any were unless you work with them. I aint a huge supporter of ether of them but dammit we need them. There in the top spots, and yall just gave up the majority like a bunch of bitches.

So all in all, Fuck it i'm voting green party next election lol